Click here to read a history of Africa U.S.A., America's first cageless African wildlife tourist attraction.
Click here to see and learn about all the animals that were found at Africa U.S.A.
Click here to read about the Zambezi Waterfalls, the Watusi Geyser, Princess Margaret, the Diamond Exhibit, Mojah and Mbili and other Africa U.S.A. attractions.
Click here for a Virtual Tour of Africa U.S.A. including the Jungle Cruise and the Jeep Safari Train.
Click here to visit the Africa U.S.A. virtual museum and see photos contributed by visitors.
Click here for an Africa U.S.A. movies, the theme song "Skokiaan", Africa U.S.A. wallpaper and view how Africa U.S.A. looks today.
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Africa USA in the News!
Click here for recent Africa USA newspaper articles.
Africa USA was featured on National Public Radio's All Things Considered - Audio Postcards
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This web site is a history and virtual tour of Africa U.S.A., an African wildlife tourist attraction that was open from 1953 until 1961. The park was located in Boca Raton, Florida on 300 acres of land near U.S.1. The links above contain a history of Africa U.S.A., listing of the animals, special attractions such as the Watusi Geyser, a virtual tour of the park, information about the African Gardens, and a short movie in MPEG format that can be viewed using Real Player or Microsoft Media Player.
Africa U.S.A. was truly a theme park before its time, with animals allowed to roam free. Even though Animal Kingdom in Disney World was hailed as a new concept, the idea had existed some 50 years prior right here in Florida. Walt Disney was a frequent visitor to Africa U.S.A. and considered purchasing it. In fact, Africa U.S.A. was chosen over Disneyland to grace the cover of the August 1, 1960 issue of LIFE Magazine. Click here to see the cover.
Princess Margaret
The cute chimpanzee Princess Margaret was the reigning monarch of Africa U.S.A. and was featured many times on the Jack Paar television show.
Entrance Sign
This was the colorful sign located at the entrance to Africa U.S.A. Africa U.S.A. was famous for its billboards that stretched all along U.S. 1.
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Film from 1956, taken by George Hill.
Famous Africa USA Model Bettie Page Dies at 85
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